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Written by  on June 3, 2015 

On the last weekend in April we braved the rain to join the Simon Green Motorsport Team at the Britcar 24hr race at Silverstone. This event for drivers and motorsport fans alike was the perfect place to unveil our brand new mobile simulator to the public.


This highly advanced simulator is housed in a Ford Focus body shell with a state of the art full motion kit and three screens which surround the driver.

Once that door is shut you are completely enclosed and can concentrate on racing with no distractions!
A webcam in the sim allows your friends to watch you race from outside. Beware this also means they can watch you crash!

Silverstone was the perfect place to unveil this state of the art simulator and there was no shortage of enthusiasts wanting to take part.
For the Simon Green Motorsport team the weekend had mixed results as the Jaguar they were racing eventually had to retire from the race with just minutes to go till the chequered flag. Luckily our sim kept the team entertained and their spirits up as they took it in turns to drive throughout the night.
If you are interested in hiring the brand new simulator for your event then please just contact us by e-mail:

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